About Us

As fellow makers, we participated in our first craft fair and it became apparent that it wasn’t the right fit for us. Were all markets filled with pinecone art and knit booties that sold for $2? Surely not! Inspired, we drafted up a vendor and posted it on the community board of our favourite coffee shop. In May 2007, we produced the first Got Craft? event at the Western Front with over 20 vendors. There was no social media at the time and only a handful of markets and and shops focused on handmade goods!

With 15 years of event management experience working with corporate and non-profit clients, we decided to use our skills to create opportunities for makers to showcase and sell their work. Over the past 12 years, Got Craft? has supported over hundreds of makers and small businesses and has been proud to represent the handmade community by producing and partnering with various events such as the Vancouver Premiere of Handmade Nation and the Sign Painters movie, Swap-O-Rama-Rama, Indie I Do, and the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. In 2014, we also opened a store named London Fields Shoppe, visit our online shop here and follow us at @lfieldsshoppe to see where we're popping up next!