What is Got Craft?
Started in May 2007, Got Craft? is a modern twist on the conventional craft fair. It is a curated boutique event started to showcase some of our favourite handmade artists and provide Vancouver the opportunity to shop for one of a kind goods. Got Craft? brings together a community that fosters indie craft and do-it-yourself culture!

How often does Got Craft happen?
Got Craft? is held twice a year in the spring and holiday season. Our next event will take place on Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th, 2019.

Where does Got Craft happen?
Got Craft? takes place at the Maritime Labour Centre located at 1880 Triumph Street (cross street is Victoria Drive) in Vancouver, BC. 

How can I apply to be a vendor?
Visit the vendor page for information and to download an application to upcoming events. All work must be handmade and the artist must be in attendance to sell their items. Got Craft? is juried to ensure quality, diversity, and to make sure that it fits our target market. Vendors must commit to participating on both days.

I'm not from Vancouver, can I still apply?
Yes! We welcome makers from around the world.

Are collectives welcome to apply to Got Craft?
Absolutely! We ask that you choose one person as the main contact person and list the names of the participating members including their web links under ‘additional comments’. Also, keep in mind the number of members you have in your collective and how much space you are able to allocate to their work. If you wish to have members juried separately, an application and jury fee will need to be submitted for each person with the name of the collective.  

How do I know if my items are suitable for the event?
My best advice for those applying to any market is to visit the show. Talk to vendors and ask them about their experiences or to see if they have any recommendations. Please also check out our vendor page, facebook page, and instagram page to get a feel of the type of vendors that normally participate and the quality of images we are looking for in your application.

How much does it cost to be a vendor?
The cost to participate range between $315 - $415 plus tax depending on the table space chosen. There is also an additional $10 plus tax jury fee when you submit your application. Both fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. More information can be found on the vendor page.

When is the application deadline?
Please see the application for specific deadline dates.

Is table sharing allowed?
Yes. Each vendor must submit their own application complete with pictures. The fee is per table. Spaces are non-transferable. You may not share your space after acceptance without prior approval. A minimum number of swag items is required from each vendor.

Do you accept food vendors?
Yes, we accept food vendors inside the venue as well as food carts outside. Anyone selling food must have all the required paperwork and licensing present during sale hours. Please check with the local health authority for details. Only self-contained food carts will be considered. Space is limited. Please contact us for details.

Does Got Craft take a percentage of vendor sales at the show?
No. The only fees charged are the jury and table fee, and any rentals (table, chair) that you wish to order.

As a vendor, what do I need for the show?
Please note that the vendor fee is for space only. There is no pipe and drape provided and tables and / or chairs are available to rent at an additional cost. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own display, float, linen, lighting, extension cords / power bars, etc. 

I signed up for a 6ft x 4ft space, but my display is 8ft wide. 
If you signed up for a 6ft wide x 4ft deep space, your entire display must be contained within this area. This includes your table, chair, signage, products, extra stock, display, and yourself. 

How much space do I receive?
Vendors will receive either a 6ft x 4ft spot for a total of 24 sq ft of space OR an 8ft x 4ft spot for a total of 32sq ft of space OR a 10ft wide x 5ft deep spot for a total of 50 sq ft of space. Due to the limited number of available spaces, preferences for specific sizes are not guaranteed.

Is power available?
If you require power, please make sure that you mark this down on your application. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own extension cords (the longer the better) and power bars. There is no additional fee for power.

When will I know if I have been accepted into Got Craft?
All vendors will be notified approx. one week after the deadline date listed on the application via email.

I was accepted, but need to cancel. Can I just do a later show instead?
Sorry, your acceptance is non-transferable. Once accepted, there are no refunds.

How do you decide who is accepted into Got Craft? What is the jury process?
Got Craft? is a very competitive market. We look at the type of craft, workmanship, creativity, originality, price and product fit. Please do not be discouraged or offended if you do not get accepted. Got Craft? receives more applications than available spaces.

What if I am not accepted?
Got Craft? prides itself in being a highly curated show. We receive more applications then available table spaces, so please do not be discouraged. All If you are not accepted, we will keep your application on file unless you request to be removed. If a confirmed vendor is unable to attend the show, we will review the remaining applications to find a suitable replacement. Generally, if a vendor making plush goods cancels, they will be replaced with another plush goods vendor.

What if I need to cancel?
If you cancel after acceptance, both fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable. Submitted swag and prize items will not be returned.

Swag bags?
The first 50 people at the event on each day will receive one swag bag filled with goodies from Got Craft? vendors and sponsors.  Please read the vendor application for more details regarding the swag bags including what is accepted, what is not accepted, and submission deadlines. * paid attendees only.

What time do I need to arrive to get a swag bag?
We have had people line up 4 hours prior to the start time to make sure that they received a bag. Although we don't have an exact guideline, we recommend arriving early.

What is your marketing campaign?
A dedicated media and PR team will work with our vendors to create a unique campaign specific to each event. We promote the event via listings, press releases, blog, social media, website, print material, and cross-promotion with other similar events throughout Vancouver.

There is plenty of free street parking along Victoria Drive and surrounding areas (East Hastings, Powell Street, Triumph Street). Please read all signage thoroughly.

How much does it cost to attend?
Admission is $5.00 at the door and $3.00 online in advance. Kids 12 and under are free.

Is your venue accessible?
The Maritime labour Centre is wheelchair accessible. Please note that there is a 16x16ft stage inside the main auditorium that can only be accessed by a set of wooden stairs. All aisles are 7' to 8' wide.

What about noise and crowds / sensory issues?
Got Craft? can be very busy, noisy, and crowded at times especially on Saturday and in the mornings. If you would prefer a more relaxed environment, we recommend attending after 2pm. A small number of chairs will be set up in the front lobby for you to enjoy.

Is it cash only?
The majority of our vendors accept cash, credit, and debit. There is an ATM located at the Princeton Pub and Husky Petrol Station at Victoria Drive and Powell Street or the Shell Patrol Station at Victoria Drive and East Hastings Street.

Additional questions?
Contact us by email at info@gotcraft.com.

Got Craft? is committed to the inclusion and recognition of all people regardless of race, age, culture, ability, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status. There is no space for intolerance of any kind.